Thursday, 31 August 2017

High court will strike down SSM survey - constitutional expert

George Williams, constitutional guru
The high court is due to hear the challenge put forward by LGBT groups to the same sex marriage postal survey next week. A leading constitutional expert has predicted the challenge will succeed and the high court will strike it down.
Professor Williams also said he expected the same-sex marriage postal survey to be struck down. The government has bypassed Parliament using a special fund reserved for "urgent and unforeseen" matters, but given MPs have spoken publicly about the issue for so long, that would be a "tough ask" to justify in court, Professor Williams said. 
 "It has the appearance of a round peg in a square hole," he said. "What about this survey is urgent, except for the fact that it is necessary because of the government's own political imperatives?" Sydney Morning Herald
We've already seen the vile homophobic hate coming from the likes of not only the Australian Christian Lobby but neo-Nazis as well. Along with every other crackpot bigot and hater that now has an excuse to preach their bile. I consider myself fairly tough at my age, albeit I've always been told I'm "too sensitive". Well so what, that's who I am. Surely it's better to be sensitive, caring and empathetic. Hence even I got a bit teary last night about it all.

If this is happening to me, WTF must all this be doing to young LGBT people already vulnerable? I for one would be happy to see this survey knocked on the head. I hope the high court will stop the hate. Why oh why should we be put through the wringer to solve the Lieberal party's internal divisions?

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