Thursday, 10 December 2015

Hotel rings 911 over transgender women checking in (audio) - 1 women jailed 8 days


Two transgender women checked into a hotel on their way to a funeral. The staff rang the emergency 911 number over there, saying their licences were men and they may be prostitutes as they were dressed funny.

The police arrived and arrested one of them for having hormone pills without a prescription. FFS. She spent 8 days in jail.

All charges were dropped after her release.

The transgender woman, a Meagan Taylor, is now suing the hotel.

Audio of the 911 call below.
When 22-year old black trans woman Meagan Taylor checked into the Des Moines, Iowa, Drury Inn hotel in July, she was planning to rest overnight in the room with her friend as the pair traveled from Illinois to Kansas City, Missouri for a funeral. 

But Taylor never checked out. Hotel workers allegedly harassed her, misgendered her, and called the police to say that “two men dressed as women” and were engaging in prostitution. 

When police arrived, they found no evidence the women were engaged in sex work, but arrested Taylor for possessing hormone medication without carrying a prescription. She was transported to the Polk County Jail, beginning an eight-day ordeal marked by repeated strip-searches and solitary confinement. 

All charges against Taylor were dropped after her release. 

These are just some of the harrowing details of a hard-hitting complaint filed Tuesday against the Drury Inn by the American Civil Liberties Union and Babich Goldman, P.C., before the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. The complaint alleges persistent harassment and pronounced discrimination by hotel staff lead to Taylor’s suffering while incarcerated. Advocate


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