Sunday, 27 December 2015

Turnbull's xmas hypocrisy - says to think of the poor and ill, FFS

This is one of the reasons I hate christmas. The rest of the year Turnbull has done nothing but make national decisions detrimental to the poor and sick, the Lieberals latest attempt at a co-payment for blood tests is a good example. Yet now at christmas he puts on the facade and tells everyone to think of the poor and sick. Ugh, I feel like throwing up all over the PC screen.

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called for reflection in his traditional message, urging Australians to think of those less fortunate. 

Mr Turnbull also called on voters to donate their time or money over the Christmas period. 

In a statement, he encouraged others to follow his example of donating, having spent time with veterans such as Soldier On founder John Bale. 

“Poverty, loneliness, illness, the loss of loved ones – these shadows hang heavier at Christmas,” he said. 

“We can lift some of those shadows by sharing our love with others – beyond our family and close friends. 

“If you can donate time or money, charities like the Wayside Chapel, the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, Meals on Wheels and Black Dog Institute among others do wonderful work all year, and especially at Christmas.” The New Daily
Well it's going to need more than christmas platitudes and airy fairy talk of "love" to help fuckwit. How about thinking of us all year and in policy making, instead of us having to scream our heads off at you lot in Canberra to even register in your brains that we exist.

How the hell does this man sleep at night? Coming out with crap like that? Does he think people like me are going to pull money out of thin air for a blood test co-payment? How about lifting that dark shadow that hangs heavier after your mid year budget? Asshole! Again we've got to rely on the senate to vote down yet another despicable war on the poor Lieberal measure, whilst a quarter of corporations operating here pay no tax.

One thing Turnbull said in the above was actually correct. Yes those charities mentioned do very good work all year helping the less fortunate. It's a pity people like Turnbull only give it lip service at christmas.

Just like all the rest of the assholes. 

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