Saturday, 12 December 2015

Health singled out in Turnbull's budget emergency

Here we go......

Big warnings from the Turbull gov about the big new budget emergency. Strange that. Get rid of the carbon tax and the mining tax revenue raisers, then bleat about the budget bottom line to the sheeple. How fuckin dumb do they think we are?

Not the slightest mention of the absurdity and affordability of massive fossil fool subsidies though. Surprise surprise eh? Apparently that's all untouchable? You'd think that would be the first place they'd look at to cut back. But no. Mentioned specifically is health.

Yep, soften up the lambs before the slaughter. Health is so terribly inefficient and affordable you know. All those burdensome people who dare to get sick. Oh the humanity! 
Australia's federal and state leaders have issued a stark warning of growing budget pressures across all levels of government amid calls for the federal government to reset voter expectations about the health of Australia's public finances. 

Some of Australia's top economists are predicting that the federal government's mid-year budget update on Tuesday will show the collapse in iron ore prices and record-low wages growth will wipe billions from Commonwealth revenue. 

Three different analyses in the past fortnight show the federal budget deficit will be between $33 billion and $39 billion worse than expected over the next four years 

Budget challenges took centre stage at the Council of Australian Governments meeting in Sydney on Friday, with a joint communiqué warning of "emerging budgetary pressures across all levels of government, particularly in the health sector". sydneymorningherald  

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