Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Hungry Jacks threat to lift prices over penalty rates! - world in crisis!

Hungry Jacks is threatening to raise the price of it's crappy shit it calls food unless penalty rates are lowered! OMG! How will Australia survive with more expensive Hungry Jacks crappy shitty food? What will we do fellow Australians? More expensive slop!

Well I double dog dare Hungry Jacks to go ahead and raise the price of their crappy shitty food that they serve in something they actually dare to call a "restaurant". More like a place where you go with crappy shitty surroundings that echo loudly and are very unpleasant, along with the crap served up.

Off you go you rebel Hungry Jacks! Raise the price. Then see how many unfortunate people want to put themselves through the trauma of eating your slop!


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