Wednesday, 18 November 2015

TERROR!© at Melbourne train station! - pair of shoes :s

Oh good grief.

More insanity over TERROR!© FFS people, get a grip. This is Australia, other side of the world from the nutters. Who the fuck is going to bother to come all this way just to leave a "suspicious" looking parcel at a Melbourne train station?

Perhaps people are still suffering from Abbottism? Fear fear fear fear........ 

Anyway, looks like someone went shopping and forgot their bag going home? Or maybe just left it there for a bit whilst doing more shopping? Who knows? 

So here we have "suspicious" looking parcel, exhibit A. Well it's the only exhibit really, but "exhibit A" sounds so much more crime-ish you know:

Egad! It could be a bomb! *freak out here*  Call the cops! Remember, stay calm..... Alert but not alarmed...... 

The cops come and cordon off the whole area with cop tape, cordoning off a couple of streets in inner Melbourne. Nearby offices evacuated. Traffic and pedestrians told to get the fuck away!

Then this happened. 

Yes folks, it's one of those super duper really fuckin expensive robot bomb things that will sacrifice itself instead of the humans, to deal with super duper really scary looking suspicious parcels evilly left behind by the absent minded. 

It went in and fucked around with the parcel, in a robot way of course, to see what was inside.........

It was a pair of shoes. I kid you not. 
A suspicious package that created havoc around Melbourne's Southern Cross Station with workers evacuated and a busy intersection cordoned off has turned out to be a pair of shoes. 

Police declared the train station safe about 5.30pm after a bomb squad robot tugged at the white Windsor Smith bag that had been left on Collins Street outside a Sumo Salad cafe in Southern Cross Station. 

Out tumbled a pair of black leather shoes. theageAustralia   

Imagine being the absent minded person who left them there, and then seeing this whole media TERROR!© event unfold. You see your shoes on the telly fall out of a robot held shoebox. "OMG! It's my shoes!"

Seriously. FFS. How much did this whole fiasco cost the bloody taxpayer? 


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