Monday, 4 June 2018

CPSU delivers Community Response to the Privatisation of Centrelink Report to parliament :)

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The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) has delivered it's response to a report on the privatisation of Centrelink. There were over 3,000 submissions as part of the response, from the community and those who rely on Centrelink for their welfare. One of which was mine submitted in response to requests from the CPSU for public input.

It's beyond me that anyone in their right mind would want to make money out of the poor, ill, and unfortunate. 

This via email:

Thank you for your input into our community consultation process – we received an overwhelming 3, 307 responses that made it abundantly clear that you, the community, will not stand for the privatisation of Centrelink.

 Last Thursday, Community and Public Sector Union National Secretary Nadine Flood, Centrelink staff, and a group of community members including pensioners and parents delivered your feedback contained in the Community Response to the Privatisation of Centrelink Report to Parliament House.

We wrote to both Minister Michael Keenan and Shadow Minister Linda Burney asking to deliver the report to them. Minister Keenan’s office advised that they would not receive it in person.

 Linda Burney and Member for Herbert Cathy O’Toole met with our contingent and discussed the findings of the report and the first-hand experience they have of the impact of job cuts and privatisation on Centrelink services. She promised to hand-deliver our report to Minister Keenan so that he can not ignore it. We have asked that he give careful consideration to the content of the report and then meet with us to discuss.

 The same day as he refused to meet to receive your report, Minister Keenan put out a media release declaring that Australians don’t care who answers their call to Centrelink, whether they’re being paid fairly and whether they have the training to actually help. Your submissions show that this is just not true.