Saturday, 2 June 2018

Vacuum cleaner - the final chapter :)

The last chapter is here

Soooooooo......... After the faulty vacuum (which rightly or wrongly we had concluded was the same broken one that was picked up by the courier on the Wednesday last week) on the Friday I noted that it'd been 2 days since it was picked up and I'd heard nothing about the refund I'd asked for. No email, no phone call to let us know what was going on, crickets..........

I rang The Good Guys and was given the run around. I asked to speak to the person who dealt with returns, which the heavily accented person that I could barely understand told me after a while that the lady was "busy" and took my details for the lady to ring me back. Some time later on nobody had rung me back.

So David took over. He said I was being "too soft" and was "leaving stuff out". Actually all I was trying to do was see what was happening with our refund after crickets for two days. But I agree with David that they needed a stronger approach. Oh my :s

It appears we're a bit of a team here after this. I'm the good cop and David the bad cop. I'm the polite one and he's the extremely direct one (to put it mildly). Honestly he pulls no punches. So he rang them back this time. It was an episode to behold folks, and I was privileged to witness it :)

He got on the phone and went for the jugular. After being told that the return lady would "ring him back" he gave them 15 minutes for her to do so before he rang Consumer Affairs.

She rang back in 5 minutes.

But there was a problem from their end. 

Remember, this is over a $150 thing, which with the money involved in their multiple stores is nothing. We've also bought a fridge and telly from there not so long ago with no problems. Until now I guess we were regular customers.

They tried to tell us that a (supposed) brand new vacuum cleaner had had it's filter clogged by "hair" after only 5 minutes of use. They'd even taken a photo of the incriminating filter. Yes darlings, they tried to tell David that a $150 vacuum cleaner fucked up after 5 minutes because the filter was dirty. Telling David that wasn't going to go well at all.

When David goes off he really does so. Long story short I was handed the phone shortly after that to recite the credit card details that I purchased it with as the lady was going to process the refund "right now". Which the receipts have come through in email, but will take a few days for the glorious banks to process.

The whoever guy who had been bla-ing on, in the background got on the phone to me during this time, saying about the clogged filter. I was very polite and agreeing and all, just to get him off the phone. He told me that we should buy a different kind of vacuum, me saying "I'd keep that in mind" (being good cop). And he gave up and gave the phone back to the returns lady. *phew* I thought. Enough of this BS!

According to that bloke this vacuum cleaner was incapable of cleaning more than half of our lounge room rug before the filter need cleaning. WTF? The vacuum cleaner instructions itself told us to wash the filter and let it dry for 24 hours. So what, we're supposed to vacuum half the rug for 5 minutes and leave it until the filter is cleaned and dried for 24 hours? Get fucked!

The guy would have got more respect from us if he'd just been honest and told us that they're selling shit from China at vastly inflated prices given the production costs, so that the share holders can get their yearly bonuses. After all that's the reality of the situation; Australian rip off companies selling crap dumped on them from unscrupulous multi national companies that pay no tax. But don't worry, the shareholders are getting their money....  

Don't fuck with David.... his ex was a lawyer, and David beat him .....

BTW, We've had a bagless vacuum cleaner for years but the plastic bits broke. It lasted nearly the whole house before the cyclonic bagless plastic thing was full and needed. The Good Guys are bullshit artists.