Friday, 1 June 2018

Latest RWNJ to do speaking tour of Australia :s

Not long after the Milo (defender of paedophiles) speaking tour of Australia, our latest nut job to take the baton is some crazy lady who's mates with said Milo. *sheesh*, it's like a Milo plague :s

I don't know what these people expect to accomplish coming here. Australian society is largely leftist (once you get past our dopey leaders and into the community). Radical xenophobic views are very much in a small minority, despite this ugly gov using that minority to gain votes with offshore asylum seeker gulags. The nutters live mostly in western Sydney, which happens to be vital at federal election time to gain those western Sydney seats. It was of course highlighted by the block of 12 western Sydney seats that voted No to marriage equality.

This latest one is a Lauren Southern (Canadian despite the head band) who I don't have the faintest idea of who she is, apart from the horrified reports coming out all over the place here of who she is. Even the Murdoch rag (pictured) couldn't hide the fact that she's been banned from Britain. But of course our lunatic Canberra gov sees no problems with her coming here to stir up shit.  

By the looks of the picture she's going to come with guns a-blazing? (yeah, that'll go down like a lead balloon here, she'd not be allowed those guns here anyway). To convert us all to xenophobia? That'll go down even worse, with Australia being the most proudly successful multicultural country on earth, with way more immigrants per capita than even the US. Despite problems that inevitably occur, Aussies are happy with how we are. We don't want to be converted. 

If you come here to live and emigrate, then our modern "culture" (if you will) expects that you'll embrace the society we've created down under. One that is happy with any race from any corner of the world to come, and enrich our society with their difference. Our neighbourhoods are often filled with all kinds of nationalities that've come here and become Australians. 

For example, just here at our place with the neighbours immediately next to us and in the units across the driveway. I'm from New Zealand for a start and a dual citizen. Our very next door people are the recent immigrants from Bangladesh (taken Aussie citizenship but I dare say are problematic living in such diversity, with gay us to boot). In the units across the driveway we've just got a new Brazilion couple move in, very recent arrivals as the lady can't even speak English yet. There's 3 Aussie born. A friend of ours just moved out to a bigger place as she has a son born here, she's from Indonesia. There's also Indian people that live across from where she was who we barely know. And god knows how many nationalities live in the share house at the end of the units. So that's just in two addresses next to each other.

This gun toting lady doesn't stand a chance here. Pffft.