Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Lyle Shelton goes bananas about AFL toilets (video link) - US linked BS

The Australian Football League recently offered unisex toilets at it's Pride game. The Pride game by the AFL is not new and happened before, and is an event by the AFL to be inclusive for gay footy players who have felt unwelcome in the AFL because of the homophobia that has existed in the sport. 

Obviously the signs were temporary for said pride game and not the norm anyway (see above). Not that it matters as it should be the norm anyway even without signs. I mean FFS at my doctors gender neutral toilets are directed to (on another floor BTW) and the sky has not fallen. 

The sky is in fact very much intact, and there haven't been the slightest occurrence of straight males going in to gender diverse toilets to prey on straight females. Shelton is using conjecture, born out of his far right religious views, to assert that straight men will go into a gender diverse toilet for the sole purpose of making females unsafe. 

What a huge and unacceptable slur against straight people! Even if they were so inclined, why the fuck would they bother doing such a thing in a public toilet? It makes not the slightest bit of sense. As it never has in the US argument where all this BS has come from.

Yes folks, the US far right Christian fringe dwellers are evangelising Australia darlings. Evidently they think we're all fuckwits who need converting to their fucktwitness. To sane Aussies, do you feel like being converted? I don't. Nor does David. But yet the US far right lunatic Christianity is here in full force after marriage equality passed here. They're failing even in the lunatic US, so they're trying it on here FFS! 

Anyway you can read about Shelton's lunacy here:

In a video post on Facebook, Shelton said that the dangerous “LGBTIQ gender agenda marching through society” he sees is one of the consequences of marriage equality that he warned about.

"Go to the toilet that best suits your gender identity or expression’—what the heck does that mean?” asked a baffled, frowning Shelton.

 “This means that if a bloke decides that he wants to be a woman, and identify as a woman, he can make that decision without a sex change operation… and then walk into the women’s toilets at Etihad Stadium and use those facilities.

 “You don’t even have to wear a dress.”

 Shelton called the policy “ridiculous” and said it would endanger women’s safe spaces.

 “Our public facilities are no longer safe for women and girls,” he said.

 He claimed that he was not suggesting that any risk was posed by “people who are struggling with their gender identity” or “gender dysphoria”, but that other “predators” posing as women could “commit acts of indecency and voyeurism”.

 Shelton went on to suggest he was “standing with” trans people, and to accuse the LGBTI community of oppressing him. Stare Observer 
You can view his disgusting video here on Farcebook

Complete with all the American manic religious RWNJ talking points of stupidity. BTW Shelton has joined the manic Australian Conservatives, hallowing manic leader Cory Bernardi, who left the conservative gov because they apparently weren't conservative enough for him. Evidently locking asylum seekers in Nauru .......

The Australian Conservatives party; ie the one that is going to crash and burn and turn to dust at the next federal election. I mean we all know how Lyle went in Toowoomba, then becoming Barnaby Joyce's political bloody "adviser".

In short, to the Americans, don't bring US foreign lunacy to Australian's shores. Please tell these people over there doing such a fowl thing to try and discourage them in any way you can; these vile people to pull their head in! We hate Trump passionately down under, and the way we're copping abuse from our closest ally is just not on on top of that.  

USA, with "friends" like you you're just about getting worse than our "enemies".  The opposition Labor party is very likely to win gov at the next Aussie federal election, shortly. A Labor gov here will be in and the relationship won't be anywhere near as the present conservative gov; which simply appears to want to lick Trumps ass at every opportunity.

Forget our gov. Australians want nothing to do with Trump, OK  America?