Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Cats on a cold and rainy Sydney winter night :)

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First up is the legendary Zac, escape artist extraordinare. The back door screen door has been ripped to pieces on numerous occasions with him tearing at it with his claws and pocking his nose through it, and ultimately his whole body in another great escape from the house! So much so that we decided perhaps Houdini might have been a better name for him. When the actual back door is shut he often can meow at us for half an hour or more to get out, really bloody loudly and annoyingly. But he knows when it's cold and wet, and those times he doesn't even want to sit there looking through the screen door as it's just too cold. He gives up, sits next to me, and I realise he doesn't want to escape but just wants to sit in front of the heater. Ha ha, total city cat Zac...

This one is Casper, the friendly cat. And he just totally is. He's the most loving cat we've ever known, brother of Cloe. He's come into his own now and developed a cat relationship with us. He's taken to lying on my legs when I have my lounge chair foot thing up, falling asleep at times and dreaming in that cat jerking thing when they're dreaming. He doesn't meow anymore like "please can I have your attention and can you love me?". but in a "hello" meow much more relaxed.

He's on that chair here but every time I take a picture of him with a flash the flash shines off his total whiteness and makes everything else around it dark. Fuck it's just impossible! I tried to fix it but anyway, he's on my chair OK?

Last but not least we have Natasha. She's getting old now, proved by David's research the other month ringing the vet who microchiped her, at 14 cat years. In human years that's about 70. The oldest cat I've ever known (Smokey) lived to 17, or 95 as a human. So Natasha get's cold in the winter these days and camps in front of the heater.

She knows the word "heater". I'll tell her even if she's in the adjoining room "Tasha, heater!" and she'll come over as I turn it on. Interestingly Zac knows this too. Couple of days ago when he got cold with the door open I said to him "heater" and off he went to join Natasha. 

So these are our three winter cats. It's raining cats and dogs outside. Even Zac/Houdini doesn't want to go out there. Ha ha. He knows which side his bread is buttered on :)

All safe and sound. And don't they now it :)