Monday, 25 June 2018

I've become a grand dad :) *faints*

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My daughter and husband's first child was born on Sunday. By cesarean due to 2 days of labor and worries about this and that. But both are fine now. Minimum 3 days in hospital after a cesarean before they both go home. I think the top picture with all three of them looks the best of all she emailed. Proud parents with firstborn.

Not to mention that I've now become a grandfather, with David becoming a step grandfather. He was aghast at the very thought at first but is really getting used to the idea now.

Granddaughter looks very angelic, probably because she didn't go through the birth canal and get the head squashed thing (takes babies time for their heads to regain normal shape after a natural birth). Until she reaches those dreaded teenage years of course. The proverbial parental nightmare :)

She was a very big baby at just over 4 kilos (nearly 9 pounds); a real belly full of arms and legs. Cripes no wonder there was difficulty with birthing her naturally!