Thursday, 21 June 2018

Finally got a date cataract surgery - 1yr on NSW waiting list!

New South Wales has the longest waiting times in Australia, according to the opposition Labor party here, particularly for cataract surgery.. It seems the NSW Liberal gov is too interested in tearing down stadiums and rebuilding them for the hell of it and bashing themselves up in cafes, to worry about hospital waiting lists. 

And of course Turnbull's tax cuts for the wealthy passed the senate today, thanks to the Xenophon asshole turncoats and ("working man's" representative) Pauline Hanson and her one person no notion party, caving in and voting with the gov. $140 billion worth of tax cuts over the next seven years, the great bulk of it going to the very wealthy who earn over $200,000 a year. Further starving our hospitals of funds. I only hope Labor can take the coming election and reverse the insanity. 

I went on a waiting list last year in August 23rd. Lately I've rung admissions asking about it 3 times in as many months. Finally yesterday I rang and was given a date, August 14th of this year. Pretty much a full year waiting. I've got a feeling she booked me in then as she said she'd send a letter telling me bla. One year is the maximum time the hospital allows people to be on a waiting list, so I barely made it.

Meanwhile it's been quite an experience going completely blind in my left eye on a waiting list. Even when they did the test to measure the eye I had to go to three different places to get it done as the cataract was so dense they couldn't get a proper measurement. In the end it was a private clinic in the private part of the hospital who were successful, who BTW didn't charge me anything either.

Things like just getting around in a shopping centre I'v had to be aware that there might be someone standing/walking to my left that I couldn't see. So I've had to turn my whole head around before walking in that direction. Or getting on a bus, I've made sure I get in to the left so there'll be no one there that I'd bump into (which happened a couple of times to my embarrassment). One time getting off a bus I nearly got cleaned up by two cyclists going along the footpath who I just didn't see to my left. I've had to turn my old faithful cat clawed lounge chair to the left a bit so I can focus my right eye on the screen through my glasses.

Having no depth perception is another one. Enormously frustrating at times. It's hard to judge just where things are in space. Putting things on a shelf in the kitchen it's easy to end up with them dropping on the floor. Or knocking a drink over (which I did at a pub once) because I didn't judge right where the glass was. Crossing the road at night is bad too as it's hard to judge how far away the car lights are.

Needless to say even looking at this PC screen and reading articles. I've had to use the zoom function to read things properly without being only centremetres from the screen.

But hopefully all will go well and this will soon be over. Will have to get new glasses after the surgery as the eye's focus will be different.