Wednesday, 27 June 2018

ACON report into gay hate killings Sydney 1970's-1990's

ACON in Sydney has released a report into the large number of gay hate killings that happened here from the 1970's through to the 1990's. It coincides with the internal New South Wales police report (known as the "Strike Force Parrabell" report) of which has also been released. 

There are vast differences between the two reports. The police report, although giving credence to the fact of gay hate killings in Sydney during those times, in my opinion (and others) would have to be taken with a grain of salt or three. After all, again, the NSW police don't have investigations into them done independently; they investigate themselves. As is common practice in a number of Australian states. It is therefore telling that even their very own police investigation into themselves turned up that one third of the 88 crimes (decided to be re-investigated from those times) involved being either confirmed or suspected gay hate crimes.
An extensive review of 88 suspicious deaths in Sydney between 1976 and 2000 has revealed almost a third were the result of crimes involving suspected or confirmed gay-hate bias.

 Up to 10 criminal investigators have spent three years reviewing the deaths, which had been highlighted by researchers as having potential gay-hate bias motivation, or a connection with the LGBTIQ community.

 Known as Strike Force Parrabell, the investigation's report, to be made public on Wednesday, has found evidence of gay-hate bias or suspected bias in 27 cases while 23 of the deaths also remain unsolved.

 Two of the 88 deaths were removed from the investigation - one because it took place outside of NSW and the other had no records to review.

 “It’s an ugly part of our history,” said Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell, the police's spokesman for Sexuality, Gender Diversity, and Intersex.

 "It needs to be acknowledged and we need to do everything we can to make sure no one is ever again fearful for their life because of who they are." Sydney Morning Herald
"An ugly part of our history"? WTF? David's first boyfriend Wayne Tonks was murdered by somebody who thought he was a paedophile. His hands and feet were tied up, they cut off his fingers and suffocated him with a plastic bag over his head. The thing is, when David first met him David was under aged at the time (under 18 back then but which has now been bought into line in NSW with straight people as being 16). Wayne refused to do anything with him until he reached 18

Wayne wasn't a paedophile, but yet at this previous post here I looked up about Wayne someone has put a comment there that he was. A profile with no posts, no friends, and no followers. I assume created just to make that one comment. Pathetic asshole coward, won't even back himself up online behind a screen. BTW the perpetrators were caught, found guilty and sentenced. To all of 8 fuckin years for the torture and murder of Wayne.

The ACON report I guess you could say is very harrowing reading. I urge all and sundry to do so here (PDF). It's a truthful report entirely independent from the NSW police. It's a report about us, drawing from our own experiences. The police report pales in comparison in it's honesty and forthrightness. It pulls no punches and often gives insight where the NSW police, even to this day, haven't the slightest iota.

The LGBT have demanded an apology for the crimes committed against us. Like these:

ACON report
What other minority in Australia has endured such violence and hatred from all sides? What other minority here has had to watch loved ones die, with the police and community not giving a flying fuck? Believing that such treatment was deserved and OK? What other minority in Australia has been targeted by gangs of youths thinking it was within their rights to murders us?

What other minority has been targeted by the gov of Australia to have their human rights decided by a postal fuckin survey?

Yes, we need an apology for this. Not just from the NSW police, but from the federal gov as well (whatever the political persuasion of the time) for doing to us what the postal survey did.