Thursday, 21 June 2018

Scott Lively eviscerated by Colbert - running for election (video)

Yes folks, believe it or not, Scott Lively is running for office in the US midterms. The same Scott Lively that is well known by human rights organisations as an extremist against gays, asserting that the Nazis were controlled by "militaristic" homosexuals. 

He is also well known for his inspiring of the current anti-gay laws in Uganda which gays face a 14 year jail term for being who they are. The first draft of that bill included the death penalty for "serial offenders" but didn't make it into the final law. Of course Lively denied any responsibility for this.

Shortly after Mr Lively’s visit, Ugandan MP David Bahati introduced the first draft of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which included the death penalty for “serial offenders”. Mr Bahati is a member of The Family, a secretive evangelical group based in Washington DC, whose ranks include current and former US lawmakers, and which also has a close relationship with President Museveni. The Independent
But he does take credit for the anti-gay Russian "propaganda" law against any gay visibility in public.

Now that he's actually running for office in the US mid terms, Steven Colbert rips him a new asshole :)