Monday, 25 June 2018

Trump doesn't want refugees to "infest" the US vs Darth Dutton (video)

Australia's Darth Dutton (real picture BTW, not altered)
Accurate comparison of Dutton's mental capacity

Are Trump and Australia's Darth Dutton setting about to outdo each other? With the vile rhetoric coming from both of them this last week you'd think so.

The week saw our Darth Dutton warning us not to have compassion for refugees he's locked up offshore in jails for the audacity to flee persecution by boat. This is despite them suiciding and dying in his jails. Professing himself to be Christian, he's using them as a supposed deterrent to (allegedly) stop more people coming here on a boat. 

"It's essential that people realise that the hard-won success of the last few years could be undone overnight by a single act of compassion in bringing 20 people from Manus to Australia.

 "The boats are there, we are scuttling boats, we are returning people and we are turning around boats where it is safe to do so. The boats haven't gone away and if there is a success defined by an arrival of a boat in Australia then the word will spread like wildfire." SBS
Using this logic, he's even been refusing a dying lung cancer refugee to be flown to Australia to die relatively better in palliative care and pain control. He finally capitulated after outrage from sane Australians and a petition of tens of thousands of signatures, including medical representatives and groups.

The same week we've had Trump banging on like a lunatic over there about evil refugees fleeing for their lives across the US border. Calling refugees "illegal" is not a thing (we've had all that rhetoric here in Australia). Seeking asylum isn't illegal, nor is fleeing for one's life. So Trump or Dutton using the phrase "illegal asylum seekers" or "illegal immigrants" would just bring a groan of disgust from most sane Australians now, so long have they attempted to ram that lie down our throats.

But what made my jaw drop was one tweet from Trump where he described refugees/"illegal immigrants" as infesting the US. This is wrong on so many levels that I'm wondering how long it will be now before Darth Dutton starts using the same language? He's probably pissed off he didn't use it first.

Watch George Takei's comparison between the US Japanese descendant interment camps set up in WW2 (of which his family was locked up in) to what Trump is doing now in the US.