Thursday, 28 June 2018

Family separations have been happening in Australia for years (video)

There's world outrage presently over the US border policy of separating children from their parents. 

But sadly, this has been happening in Australia for years under the Abbott/Turnbull gov. Trump seems to be trying to compete with Australia and Peter Dutton in cruelness, but he's right out of his league with Dutton. This gov makes the Trump administration look like amateurs.

It's been up to public outrage to get Dutton to intervene in individual cases and stop deportations that rip families apart. This one is a case in point. Via email from GetUp:

Last week, Peter Dutton's Home Affairs department was standing firm in its decision to tear a small family apart. But today — thanks to our community coming together in our thousands — Bernadette and Giro are looking forward to celebrating his ninth birthday together in Australia.

After living in our community for 11 years, Bernadette Romulo had her application for permanent residency denied, and was ordered to leave the country in a matter of weeks, forced to leave behind her 8 year old son Giro.

But thousands of us called on the Turnbull Government to allow Bernadette and Giro to remain together in Australia, where she can watch him grow —and they caved; intervening to grant Bernadette a 12 month visa just yesterday.

 It is a remarkable example of what our community can do when we come together for what's right — and it means Bernadette can hold her little one close for a little while longer.

But they aren't out of the woods. While today Bernadette and Giro get to breathe a sigh of relief, the government has merely pushed the decision back a year.

 Malcolm Turnbull can still intervene at any time to let Bernadette stay with her son, for good — and we have to make sure he does.
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