Friday, 1 June 2018

"Gays are just an abomination" Australian musician Pogo's hate speech (video link + video)


*Update: It has now gone mainstream (see right pic).

*Update 2: I see today the video has been taken down, ha ha ha. However you can watch an interesting video report on it (including clips from the rant) at the Nine News site here. What an idiot. Doesn't this moron know anything about the internet? 

*Update 3: OK so I just watched the Nine News video, and now he's blaming Aspergers and bipolar for his bigotry (see snip on right). Well I'm sure there's a lot of people who have exactly what he has and don't make videos like that. Like Don Burke of Burke's Backyard who blamed aspergers on his sexual assaults of women. 

Update 4: He has made an "apology" video in which he blames bla for it all. I'd like to see him doing that in New South Wales and see if that stands up in a court of law here. He can't be convicted in Western Australia because the dumb-ass state doesn't have any anti-vilification laws. The "apology" video is below. Feel free to comment underneath it on YouTube. I certainly am!

*Update 5: My post under the "apology" YouTube video of his is below at the very bottom :)


Wow, this guy has some serious problems with condemnation of a minority - being gays.

World, meet "pogo":
Perth-based electronic musician Pogo has incensed fans after a video of him talking about his homophobic attitudes and cheering on the Pulse massacre was discovered on You.Tube.

 Pogo is the alter-ego of Nick Bertke, who gained online popularity by remixing samples from classic Disney films and other movies into songs.

 Bertke had seemingly created the video to explain his YouTube channel’s name, ‘Fagottron’. It is unclear when the video was actually recorded.
The video has been on a Pogo fan YouTube channel since the start of May, but was only recently discovered and posted on Reddit, according to Towleroad. Sydney Star Observer
Charming. In the video he says.....    well you really have to see it to believe it. How someone could so casually call the Pulse massacre "fantastic" is seriously sick. The guy has some sort of mental problem, either that or he's in the closet.

In any case the story has been picked up by US media Reddit and Towleroad, so I dare say his little video is going rather viral, likely doing a big disservice to his musical career. And rightly so. You think the younger ones knowledgeable of the internet would be smarter than to put up something like this viewable to all. What an idiot, in more ways than one.

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