Friday, 15 June 2018

"Bloom" - Troye Sivan, the toilet version (video)

Oh my....... :)  This hasn't even been on any gay blogs yet from what I've seen. Even the ones obsessed with Western Australian openly gay artist Troye Sivan. 

Sivan has of course released the "Bloom" song which is about gay bottoming. Since then he's released a few video versions of it, but this one released yesterday is sure to make the most stir of all. 

It's about a gay guy meeting a "straight" guy (mechanic) in a public toilet and developing a relationship from that.

Well, I developed an open relationship with Simon for a few years and that worked out very well. Only thing was as it was an open relationship I never thought he was serious about me and when I fell in love with David he realised he was in love with me. But that's another story.......

Relationships can happen in the strangest circumstances. But love is love. It would have been nice had Simon told me how he really felt about me in the three years we knew each other, but he didn't. Love lost for him I guess. He wasn't even out in Lightning Ridge and never even kissed or hugged me when I was leaving on the bus from there.

But things changed when I met David. It's a gay monogamous relationship because we love each other so much. We met at a pub, but who's to say we'd not have fallen in love if we met somewhere else? Like toilets..... That's not wrong if we did so.