Friday, 1 June 2018

2,490 gay weddings so far in Australia - the world hasn't ended

Well folks, if some sky man's wrath was going to befall Australia over marriage equality, it has been conspicuously absent. So far Australia, as of today, has had 2,490 LGBT weddings with no wrathing from on high whatsoever. Certainly enough to attract attention from invisible sky men of all religious persuasions. All there has been though are crickets.....

The far right Christians are still obsessed about it though. Quoting the 2,000 year old writings of the nomadic desert people on the other side of the world, at every opportunity. However the sky has not fallen, there are still boys and girls and mums and dads, and mother's and father's days. Christian churches haven't been forced to do gay weddings, and David and I's marriage affected nobody except the people who were there and appreciated the event greatly.

Celebrant claps as we kiss at our wedding