Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Good Guys store sent the same broken vacuum back as "replacement" - WTF?

*Update below*

So, after the first one died after only 5 minutes, The Good Guys said they would give me a refund or a replacement. I thought a replacement might work as surely two vacuums in a row couldn't have the same problem, and it did work marvelously when it was going property. They said there wasn't any in stock and it would take 7-10 working days to get another one delivered. Fair enough I thought.

Strangely though they rang me only 2 days later and said the replacement was ready to deliver, not the 7-10 days it would have taken getting another one in. So we arranged for delivery after the weekend and it came today.

As I signed for it I noticed straight away it was in the same box as the other one. The "invoice enclosed" sticker thing was torn on the right exactly as I'd torn it. The "sold" sticker next to it with my name on it was also stuck on at the same crooked angle and in exactly the same spot. What's more, there was no Quality Assurance sticker sealing the top box lid that had to be broken to open the box.

Inside everything was all wrapped in more plastic, just like new, with all the bits of cardboard packing around it. David quickly put it together to test it. Again, just as the other one, it went marvelously for all of 5 minutes before making a strange noise inside where the motor was and lost suction. This time it was a hissing sound meaning somehow air was leaking out. The suction wasn't gone but it wasn't working nearly as well at all.

We came to the conclusion that The Good Guys had tried to pull a swiftie on us and sent back the same vacuum cleaner after trying to fix it. How could the motor be fucked on two vacuums in a row? And if they'd ordered a new replacement one, why would they take it out of the new box and put it in the old box from the other one, breaking the Quality Assurance sticker?

So I rang The Good Guys again feeling very unimpressed to say the least. Eventually I was put on to the same lady I'd spoken to the other day. They're coming to pick it up again tomorrow morning and this time I've asked for a refund instead. They of course will check it again to affirm the problem first.

I put it to her that this was the same vacuum cleaner, which of course she denied. I wasn't going to argue the point as I wanted this sorted out not bogged down in arguments. She instead said it must be a general fault with that particular model. Yeah right.... 

Not going back to them again after this BS. Will go to the mall and get something from BigW or K-Mart. *Sheesh* 

*Update: The courier that was supposed to be coming this morning ended up coming mid afternoon, after I rang The Good Guys after lunch to see what was going on. When I rang I asked to be put through to the lady whole dealt with defective returns. The voice I'd not heard from there before knew straight away what I was talking about when I said it was a vacuum cleaner to be picked up. Telling I thought.....

I also took the precaution of taking a photo of the end of the box that I recognised straight away as the original box with the first delivery of the vacuum. Note how I tore the right hand side of it, I remember doing that. And I remember the crooked "Sold" sticker at just that angle slapped on the top right hand corner. I also put a large A4 yellow note in the box explaining what was wrong - being the motor, again.

They should contact us shortly to say about the refund. David wants to ring them and go bananas at them but I told him not to. Just get the thing sorted and the money back and never go there again.

It's not about the defective vacuum, it's about them trying to rip us off. I was quite happy to get a new replacement, but they decided to con me with the old one. This is a big company with a number of branches around Sydney, yet they're trying to rip off pensioners like this. Shame!