Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Gov anti-gay RWNJ Paterson hangs himself defending religious freedom (video)

The face of those against us. What a privileged prick
The anti-gay Ruddock "religious freedom" review's findings are still with the gov to "frame their response" (whatever that means) and still hasn't yet been released to the public; that being David and I who would be most affected by any expansion of said freedoms. This of course is hot on the heals of the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide being convicted for covering up paedophile crimes against kids in the 70's, delighting I guess in their "religious freedom" to do so?

So in this interview with gov RWNJ Paterson he tries to make it all lovely and nice, and there's nothing really wrong with religious freedoms increasing against gay people, and it's all sensible, and let's make daisy chains and that. And everyone is supposed to go along with this and help him polish a turd> *sheesh* 

However his facial expressions, body language if you will, gave him away completely. There was about 3 seconds where he gave this most vile utterly sarcastic smirk face, obviously thought no one would notice on a 2018 HD telly, or PC monitor. 

However I froze the video just at the right moment I think, catching the vile self absorbed sarcastic smirk (above). A look of a privileged upbringing that assumes the world should think like him. Exactly the same as the rest of the far RWNJ's in the gov, particularly Abbott and his entourage. 

This video has to be seen to be believed. I note that it's from Sky News with the interviewer treating Paterson with kid gloves. In reality however it appears the interviewer gives Paterson just enough rope to hang himself :s 

Yes folks, Even Australia's right wing media is turning on the gov asylum. LGBT rights have never been a left or right political issue to argue about in the national capital for points on either side. It's always been a human issue and should have always been exempt from political game playing.