Thursday, 31 May 2018

Roseanne's Twitter profile pic looks like RWNJ Paterson's pic here :s

This is so strange.

Of course we all know about the sad demise of the Roseanne show over there in the US. I feel bad for the cast and crew, and for the whole show really. But as I tweeted to her, there's consequences for saying stuff on internet social media in 2018, something that wasn't around in the 1990's. It's an adjustment for all us old farts. Twitter wasn't even around back then, and it seems some just fire off stuff before engaging their brains. 

In short it's not cool to call a black person an ape, ever, let alone on Twitter. I just don't know what she must have been thinking at the time to do such a thing. Was she drunk? Who knows.

Strangely, here in Australia I've been posting a lot the picture I froze from an interview of our pompous RWNJ James Paterson in which he was blatting on about "religious freedom" a look of self absorbed contempt for those who thought differently than him. I noticed when tweeting to Roseanne that her profile picture had exactly the same expression. 

That is so weird. Especially as both expressions involve the expressing of far right nut job shit. Go figure :s