Tuesday, 1 May 2018

George Pell committed to stand trial for historic sex offences against kids (video)

Today in Melbourne Cardinal George Pell was committed to stand trial for historic sexual offences against children. This has been a long time coming over years. There's been a lot of people come forward during the royal commission in to institutional child sex offences that's bought it all to a head. The commission found that conservatively, 7% of Australian Catholic priests were paedophiles. Now Australia's highest ranking Catholic, treasurer to the Vatican, is now alleged to also be one.

The charges are numerous but yet to be revealed, although about half of them, including the most serious ones, have been thrown out for lack of evidence. Pell has of course pleaded not guilty, what else would he do? Despite increasing accusations over the decades he's spent much of his life denying it all. If he is eventually found guilty it will certainly be an historic case, shining the light on Catholic denial using positions of power to do so. Sheltered by the church they defend above all else, that has in Australia repeatedly covered up paedophiles in it's ranks for the sake of the church.

What's more it would be an historic example of extreme hypocrisy within the church. Pell has constantly been against gays and gay marriage, possibly fanning the hatred against us over the years with people concerned that gays were paedophiles. We've already seen who the real paedophiles are in the church, right under the noses of those blaming us gays for being so. Again, when you blame gays for being paedophiles you let the real padephiles off the hook to continue their sick crimes.
Australia's highest ranked Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, will go to trial on historic sexual offence charges but some of the most serious charges leveled against him have been thrown out.

 The magistrate dismissed half the charges against the 76-year-old, including some of the most serious.

 Cardinal Pell entered a not guilty plea this morning and has always vehemently denied all allegations since the day he was charged in June last year.

 The ruling was made by the Magistrate Belinda Wallington, who sat through all four weeks of complainant's evidence, watched witnesses' memories be put to the test by Cardinal Pell’s barrister Robert Richter QC.

 Ms Wallington set aside an hour and a half to deliver her reasons on whether there was enough evidence of sufficient weight to support a conviction.

 She took two weeks to deliberate her decision. Nine News
Pell can't leave Australia now until this is all over, or he's in jail.

Much younger Pell