Thursday, 3 May 2018

My online Centrelink session did not go well :s

I don't know WTF is wrong with that site but even doing the simplest thing turned into a drawn out drama, and the site in the end fucked it up.

Soooooo, we're running a bit short on the wedding money for this weekend. It was David's turn to get a financial hardship payment out of his Super which he used to pay the $500 or so fee at the city registry (we're using their little venue there and it was a bit more to do it on the weekend). He also decided to have a bit of a shout at the pub directly after that, and proceeding from there we're having a seafood meal at a restaurant, of which David paid $1,000 for 12 people (including us) to attend. 

Needless to say the financial hardship money got all used up, so he asked me about getting a small Centrelink loan to help out. As we've canceled the $24 a fortnight fruit and vege delivery I said I'll see what I can do paying back $25 a fortnight out of my pension for the next 6 months. It's really easy to do online if the site works, you simply put in the amount of money you are comfortable paying back each fortnight and 2 days later viola, an interest free loan is deposited to your bank account.

On doing this the site told me I could borrow $325 on a $25 a fortnight payment. A big help for the wedding and I proceeded to set about doing this.

The first attempt failed, giving some stupid message that there wasn't enough money to pay back $25 a fortnight. WTF? Why then have I been paying $24 a fornight to the fruit and vege people for 4 years?

I went back to the start, and the system failed yet again. This time instead of giving a confirmation that it was accepted the page didn't load and the browser said the site wasn't working. Tried reloading to no avail. So again I went back to the start and tried again.

Third time lucky it all went smoothly this time, complete with a confirmation that the loan was accepted bla. I sighed with relief. God what a drama. I even filled out the online survey asking how my session went I was so bloody pissed off.

But alas, it didn't end there.

Today I checked my account to see if the $325 had gone in. Immediately I was confused as there appeared to be way too much money in my account. Long story short, the Centrelink site had processed two of the loan requests, the last one and the one where the confirmation didn't come through.

Now I'm stuck being $50 down (2 times $25) for the next 6 months FFS! Albeit I've put about half of the money aside in another account so I can top up my payments $25 at a time. Good grief :s