Wednesday, 30 May 2018

$2,000/month for HIV meds - the HIV epidemic in Atlanta US (short doco video)

This doco is only 15 minutes long, but I went through a range of emotions. Deep sorrow, but mostly deep anger. That in the richest country on earth black people are still dying of AIDS; such a rarity now in Australia that it's not even considered a public health threat anymore. Yet black gay men in Atlanta have been forgotten, and now have a one in 2 chance of contracting HIV. We're talking third world stuff here.

Mostly it appears to be from a lack of access to health care, costing FFS without insurance $2,000 a month for HIV meds, or the HIV preventative for negative people PReP which is 99% effective in preventing HIV infection in unsafe sex with an HIV+ person with a detectable viral load. 

Here in NSW Australia (and Victoria) HIV meds are free, period, for everyone, no matter how much you earn. A most positive strategy by even the conservative NSW gov to end HIV infection in Australia in years to come. And PReP has now been put on the PBS here meaning it's accessible to all, for as little as just over $6 a month.

How could the US gov ignore such an HIV outbreak? To limit access to health care for the most at risk and vulnerable people? Do they love their rich more than their disadvantaged? Do they consider being black and poor the fault of the black and poor? Do the RWNJ Christians blame the blacks for being black, gay, and poor?

I'm deeply appalled. What a tragedy. My gay brothers and sisters are dying in the richest country on earth from preventable AIDS. Why? Why are you killing them America?