Thursday, 17 May 2018

The Australian Conservatives are selling tacky merchandise online

Cori Bernardi's new Australian Conservatives party, recently joined by Lyle Shelton after he was turfed from being captain of the Australian Christian Lobby, is selling incredibly crappy Australian Conservative stuff online. All of which looks like it could very well be made in China, apart from the printed books I guess.

This is yet another hilarious chapter in what will be the enormous bellyflop of doom by the party at the coming federal election. It's like watching a trainwreck slowly unfold over time. Fascinating. 

You can find the crap here.

So, hard core conservatives don't drink any of that nancy boy wine folks, they drink beer

Yet despite their toughness and viscous anti-gay-ness, they're just big teddy bears at heart.

With lapel pins to poke out the eyes of lefties.

And spinning keyrings to while away those boring times when forced to listen to a leftie statement.
And most important of all, the brainwashing tools.