Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Our gay hating neighbours turned our gas off out the front - cops now involved

Our neigbours in the shared part house that we both live in, who are from gay hating Bangladesh and have become Australian citizens in their time here, turned our gas off via the lever out the front on the meter tonight. 

I knew straight away what had happened when I tried to turn on the gas stove. It's happened about twice before over the 10yrs I've been here. Long before David and the neighbours were anywhere around. I guess as I'm openly gay had to do with it. I didn't think it was a big deal and it certainly wasn't to me. It's never been before.

This particular time however the gay hating neighbour husband was seen just before it was turned off. So this was different. A witness neighbour who didn't want to be named told us they saw him just before it happened.

David eventually decided to ring the police to see what they thought about it. All he wanted to do was to simply put it on record at the cop shop. However the police insisted that they should come and talk to us as messing with the gas was taken very seriously by them.

They were going to come around tonight but we're both tired. David's going in to make a statement shortly about it all. We honestly didn't know that messing with our gas would be so serious. But after thought it may be so?

We thought after that, what if they decided to turn it on again at some point just to mess with us? What if we had a roast in the oven and the gas was turned off, then turned back on? What if we had something on the stove and the gas went off and then back on? The oven probably would be OK, but but the stove?

It takes heaven and earth for me to snap. Unfortunately for them now I have. This is the limit. I will take no more. They're not leaseholders and have no rights being so. I am and have been here for 10 years.