Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Prayer will stop gun shootings - US Christian :s


So some crazy Christians in the US have come up with a bright [sic] idea to fund prayer wristbands for US school kids as they think it will stop psychopathic suicidal teens from walking into their schools and committing mass murder because they have access to AR 15 rifles that shoot a bazillion rounds a minute. 

Yes folks, the answer to crazy US gun violence isn't to stop psychopathic suicidal teenagers having access to AR 15's, all people have to do is pray that they won't be psychopathic and suicidal :s 

FFS. These people are our closest ally and just look at the crazy Christian bullshit coming out of that country. With Australia's strong gun laws (that Americans often assert makes us "less free") how much do we really have in common with these people anymore?

To me (and I'm quoting an American here) the US has become a "failed experiment". It started with all good intentions but went haywire with the notion of "American Exceptionalism". That the US was blessed by the invisible sky man and therefore was better than every other nation on earth. 

Blind to the accomplishments of other nations that have for a long time outdone the US on many levels. If any Americans are still reading this post at this point, I would just suggest to look it up. For example the US health system is so bad that when the OECD does a survey on how OECD country's health systems function in comparison to each other, they have to leave out the US because the results are so bad that it skews the results abysmally.

Especially now under Trump, Americans seem to think they're god's gift to mankind. What can one do when confronted with a delusion like that, almost like a religion? They even have the "founding fathers" who wrote the Constitution (to be uttered in the most reverent and most holy way), which appears to be like some sort of Biblical text to the gun nutters over there. Bla bla bla the Second Amendment!  

What appears to escape them is that it's an Amendment. That the "founding fathers" were not deities but the same as people who live right now eh. Changing the second amendment isn't changing the Bible, it's simply amending the amendment. 

Typical. Stuff like this always happens when religion becomes a part of politics. It's a fateful combination and will no doubt continue the decline of the empire when such illogical bullshit takes the reigns.

BALTIMORE, Md., May 1, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pray Live, a division of the Maryland Prayer Center, and is responding to gun violence in America by giving concerned school children and their families prayer wrist bands to wear. Thousands of children have died or been injured from gun violence organization's founder, Wenda Royster, says God gave her an urgent message.

 In a moment of intense prayer God said: "'I need you to heal this nation by reminding school children and their parents that no matter what is going on around them, I am always there,'" she said. "'Remember, only prayer changes behavior and things.'"

 "So, I created wristbands for mass distribution across the Country to remind our children that God is there with them, and that prayer changes things." She says the bands are red in color which is symbolic of the blood of Jesus, and they include a short prayer as well as the scripture Luke 18:1, "...Always pray and not give up."

 "We have produced a simple red wristband for K-12 with a prayer for students to wear by doing so prayer is in the schools while the bands are worn," she says.

 "This is not about religion or denomination it is about how prayer changes things to include behavior.

 "There are critics who may say: 'how is a rubber wristband going to protect my child from gun violence?' My response to that is you never hear about acts of gun violence happening at faith-based schools where the Word is taught, and prayer is prevalent."
"So, we must take our pleas to a higher power, inviting God back in our schools, if we want to see real change in our schools." Christian News Wire
Why couldn't they spend the money on housing the homeless or feeding the poor? Bloody typical. Spending money on their doctrine instead. What insanity. Ideology comes before people once again....