Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Dumpster diving has become a part of life in Australia under this gov (video)

This is life under the Abbott/Turnbull gov. Over three million people suffering food stress and forced to dumpster dive in dumpsters where supermarkets have thrown out food they can't sell anymore.

Meanwhile it's budget night in Australia. Our illustrious treasurer is giving an up to $10 a week tax cut not available until tax return 2019 through the low income thing. A hamburger and milkshake tax return cut? To make up for the last five years? They think this will give them a "budget bounce" and get them re-elected?

We've got nothing from this gov apart from abuse, innuendo, and cuts, blaming us for being poor. They've cut funding to our food service. They've cut billions from hospitals and I've been waiting since last August for cataract surgery and going blind in that eye waiting. They've clobbered Australia's poor with robodept, some people suiciding over it. We're paying 60% in income in rent whilst they do nothing about it and revel in their growing property portfolio, on the Housing waiting list for at least 4 years now. They've dragged the LGBT through hell for their own political expediency.

A Liberal "budget bounce" looks like this, even on a good day