Monday, 7 May 2018

We just got stung by Turnbull's great big new internet tax on the poor

Despite there being just about no main stream media coverage much anywhere, never the less the gov has introduced a great big new tax of 10% of anything bought under $1,000. This not only includes physical goods that get mailed to you, but anything at all bought from overseas on the internet. 

As I discovered today with my Norton anti-virus protection. It's quite a thing for us to get the money together for it at $110 a year, but WTF are you supposed to do? It's absolutely necessary to keep our PC's safe from online threats. I already have enough dramas with this old PC without adding some evil virus into the mix.

On this occasion I knew the renewal was coming up but really I should have looked into it more. My bad. So in the end it was two emergency $55 out of two pensions to reach the $110AUD subscription renewal fee. We had to let the fridge nearly run completely out of food to do that.

So Norton took the auto renewal payment. I'd made damn sure the $110 was there in my account to do it. However upon doing a bit of Aldi shopping the debit card came up short on what I got. I had to leave what I bought there and check my account balance on the bank machine opposite in the mall. Turned out it was just $2 short.So I had to go back to Aldi and tell them I was short and took the trolley with the other groceries I'd bought elsewhere. 

Upon checking WTF had happened online, I discovered the Norton email saying the subscription had been paid, with a receipt in the email. Looking at the receipt I immediately saw what had happened. The gov had charged me 10% on my Norton subscription renewal, adding $11 to the cost. Making me short on money at the grocery store. $11 out of my pension. I'd just paid more tax in one hit than many multi-national companies in Australia.

What's more, the tax is aimed at poor people who may buy the odd little thing from overseas online, the tax being charged for only things under $1,000. Who the hell buys things worth that much online? One again the gov protects the corporations whilst fucking the poor.