Wednesday, 9 May 2018

"I wished you had of died" - David's uncle to David about him being gay

David's family I think might even be worse than mine. At least my sister and I who both live in Sydney are normal and being able to recognise fucked up behaviour. From what I've heard (and experienced talking to his mother on the phone once) it would appear David is the only normal one among them (ironic).

I won't go into his family history as it's not my place to do so here. Suffice to say his mother and relatives are all viscously anti-gay. To the point that his mother shunned him decades ago when he came out as a teenager, and hasn't spoken to him since the other year when she told me on the phone she doesn't want him in her life. 

Anyway, after us getting married David thought he might share the news with the odd relative of his.  the particular uncle was really nice through the whole phone conversation. Until David said "We should get together sometime". His reply was "It's not going to happen".

David replied "OK I get the message", at which point the relative said "I wished you would have died to not bring shame on the family".

Yes folks and darlings, gay hatred is alive and well in Australia.

Of course David's upset. I took the phone off him and told him no more ringing anyone tonight.