Saturday, 12 May 2018

Yet another one bites the dust - Pastor busted for child porn (video)

Yes folks, they just keep coming. Yet another well known church leader has been busted for child porn. Honestly, there should be warning signs out the front of some of these churches. But of course yet a-bloody-gain people were too busing blaming the gays for being paedophiles to see the one standing right there in front of their face. 

The well respected Pastor of a local church with a resume as long as your arm, has been caught virtually in the act. I say virtually as he was doing it online, pretending to be a teenager and wanting a girl to undress for him on camera. He was bought undone by cops monitoring the site he was using and they simply tracked it back to his IP address (ie. his home). These churchies aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, but that's a good thing in this case.

Of course the community is shocked and all. I mean, who would have thought this man was a paedophile? 

It's in the US but it doesn't matter where it was as it can happen anywhere. Indeed Australia's royal commission into institutional child sex abuse uncovered a plethora of crimes against kids by churches, going back decades. Lives have been destroyed, suicides, dysfunctional relationships, etc. Nobody believed the kids years and years ago when they tried to tell their parents (or anyone I guess) that the man of god was molesting them. I hope now things are different.