Tuesday, 15 May 2018

6 months since the Yes vote won marriage equality (video)

It was the most hateful, lying, vindictive and negative campaign that I've ever seen in my life against any minority in Australia or New Zealand. LGBT predictions of a tsunami of hate and bile against who we are soon came to fruition on the campaign platform, with all manner of fringe dwellers given a reason to legitimise their bigotry under the banner of the No vote; it was "OK to say no".

Yet bruised and battered, we got through it somehow or other. Albeit I will look back at the postal vote as an extremely bad experience and one that wasn't needed. It felt like even that last metre of the fight for equality had been added a huge hurdle at the last minute, by the bitter and twisted white middle aged angry Catholic men in the gov. It was wrong and everyone knew it, not the least being us. But we had no choice but to participate; a No vote would have been devastating and allow the RWNJ's to delay marriage equality for years to come.

So the LGBT community mobilised and set about winning the Yes vote. It was a tough job as we were outspent 5 to one by the No side. Nevertheless Australian minds had been made up long ago, and no amount of campaigning from the No side was going to change that. The large turnout of 80% of registered voters taking part in the survey was telling; people were fed up with the gov blocking this year after year and had now been given the opportunity to tell the gov "FFS Yes! Now pull your finger out and just for fucks sake vote on it to pass!"

We now know the convincing victory we had. But a costly one. It'll take years for the LGBT to digest and deal with the venom unleashed by this gov during the survey. All because Turnbull didn't have the balls to call a free conscience vote against the wishes of the party RWNJ's. Our victory was very bittersweet. 

I think fair minded Australians's saw what the campaign was doing to us, and they stepped in having our back. Australians don't like to see people being bullied and will stick up for the underdog (well all the Aussies I've known and met would). It became clear that the gov was bullying us and giving licence for us to be demonised yet again. But on this occasion fairness prevailed.