Thursday, 10 May 2018

Bigot from the No campaign against LGBT marriage elected to Liberal party (video)

During the series of "It's OK to say No" adds against marriage equality last year for the postal survey, you may remember one of those adds featuring this lady; Marijke Rancie. The add from last year is posted below. 

Apart from being in the campaign against David and I marrying, she's otherwise known as being viscously anti-gay and particularly known for campaigning against the anti-bullying program Safe Schools aimed at young LGBT people.

The adds of course were a complete flop having no bearing on the way people voted whatsoever. There was over 60% support at the start of the campaign and the same at the end and the final vote. With the Liberal party taking a lurch to the religious right as they have here, one wonders what they think they're going to gain at the polls by doing this?

Or are they so upset about losing the vote, and so obsessed with their invisible sky man, that they're now digging in uncompromisingly and chucking an almighty (pun intended) hissy fit at the world around them, that doesn't give a flying fuck about their crazy religion anyway?. A dummy spit if you will, inspired only out of their notion of privilege that they must shape the world in their ideological dogma. Convinced that they're the only one's right and everyone else is wrong.

Anti-Safe Schools campaigner Marijke Rancie has been elected as a delegate within the Victorian branch of the Liberal party.

 Rancie featured in the Coalition For Marriage’s “It’s Ok to Vote No” ad campaign during last year’s marriage postal survey and is a high-profile opponent of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program. The Victorian mother posts on social media as “Political Posting Mumma”.

 At the Victorian Liberal party’s state conference last week Rancie was elected to the junior position of a being a delegate, one of several people with strong anti-LGBTI views to be elevated within the party structure, The Age reported.

 In her Liberal delegate campaign statement Rancie, who is Mormon, described herself as a “lobbyist against the appalling Marxist Safe Schools programs,” which she said was “grooming” children.

 The Department of Education told The Age a number of claims made by Rancie were false. QNews