Saturday, 19 May 2018

Gov's "religious freedoms" review released - gov not releasing it to public, WTF?

The gov has received the report (chaired by gay hater Ruddock who inspired the 2004 Howard gov law specifically excluding gays from marrying) that it decided to instigate to placate the RWNJ's in the gov. That tried to get religious freedoms legislation included in the marriage equality bill in parliament. Which all failed miserably in the national capital. A few of them (Abbott etc) stormed out of parliament in disgust not even casting their final vote. This despite Abbott previously saying he would stick by what the people voted for.

The gov however is not releasing it "immediately" whatever that means. Why the secrecy? It should be released now for all to see, especially us LGBT who "religious freedoms" laws will most affect. In a democracy this is supposed to be "open gov"? Absolutely outrageous!

Meanwhile the gov is leaking bits and pieces of it via none other than Darth Dutton:

Greens Justice spokesperson, Senator Nick McKim has called on the government to release the full report, which he said was “clearly designed with the aim of making it easier to discriminate against LGBTIQ people.”

 “The Prime Minister needs to release this report in its entirety, rather than just let Peter Dutton strategically leak parts of it and talk about it without anyone else seeing it,” he told Junkee. “The whole review was a bone Malcom Turnbull threw to the fundamentalists in his own party, and has been a stitch-up from day one.”

 Prominent marriage equality advocate Rodney Croome has also called on the government to release the full report.

 “The recommendations of the Ruddock Review will have a direct and possibly damaging impact on the LGBTI community, so it is vital the results are released immediately.”

 “The devil will be in the detail and we deserve to see that detail straight away.”

 “The Ruddock Review has operated under a cloud of alleged secrecy and bias so the least the Government can do is be honest and upfront now the Review’s work is done.” Junkee
RWNJ James Paterson supporting religious privilege in a Sky TV interview