Monday, 7 May 2018

We finally got married yesterday - the long wait was over :)

Yes folks and darlings, David and I were finally able to marry each other yesterday. After many years of excruciatingly stupid angst against our personal relationship and our/out love for each other. 

After watching for years people on television or online video debating our lives, like we weren't even there, or watching it. I couldn't escape the question of how those debating our lives on the national stage would feel about their own lives getting the same treatment.

Whether we were as worthy to get married even as rapists, murderers, paedophiles, and any other societal scum who were locked up, who could marry in a jail ceremony. 

Yet after years of national debate where it was clear the great majority of Australian's were fine with David and I marrying (to see it dragged out for another 6 years. 

In 2012 the public was well ready and changes to the law already overdue. But it dragged on until the final resolution in 2017 from a federal, gov filled with bitter Catholic white middle aged men, being  in love with Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby, who did everything they could possibly do to to stop LGBT marriage. Of which I won't go in to now.

But in the end social pressure from the people prevailed and the gov was forced to do something instead of relying on the absurd BS that they kept promises and so they needed to keep this promise. 

Pfffffft. From Abbott on they've done nothing but break promises. Were they're now saying that the only promise they could keep was to clobber the gays once again with a plebiscite? Which was also not what the people wanted. Who wanted simply for the parliament just have a free vote as Howard did 5 times being the PM.

And so, to great forces of the church, Tony Abbott, and the far right Canberra loonies, and their effort's to successfully delay marriage equality for 6 more years, in the end came to naught. Abbott failed, The far right of the gov failed. And the best of all Lyle Shelton failed! Hooray!

So again, David and I married yesterday, just at the registry office in the city. Their little venue there for 12 guests and us. Just a few photos coming in online but David has much more from Facebook. As we we paid the photographer of the HIV book project . So I'll be posting more over the next few days I guess. Isn't it amazing how far photography's come in the least few decades :)