Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce's previous affair - from those who broke the Campian affair

Jannette Cotterell allegedy had an affair with Joyce before Campian's present affair

*Update 2: Thanks to web archiving, the entire post from New Crime weekly is available here. Stupid Liberal neanderthals.


*Update: True Crime Weekly was forced to take the down the story after threats of legal action by Jannette Cotterell. However, as this here blog is a small affair (pun intended) on my little corner of the internet, I'm fucked if I'm going to take this here post down. After all, I've quoted the most juicy bits in the article :)


 According to True Crime Weekly (the outlet that broke the present Campian affair last October) now alleges that deputy PM Barnaby Joyce had a previous affair with a Jannette Cotterell, who was a Canberra Lobbyist with links to Crosby Texter.

Perhaps one would think this is just more gossip and innuendo, however given that this is from the people who first broke the story about Joyce's Campian affair way back last October and the present media frenzy over it, it certainly gives some weight to this story.

There's much more at the link.

However, it is the next revelation that is not only likely to end Mr Joyce’s political career but may also perhaps place the Federal Government in a hole that it is likely to never come out of.

 True Crime News Weekly can now reveal the testosterone and alcohol-fuelled politician is alleged to have embarked on a sexual affair commencing in 2014 with high-profile Canberra-based lobbyist, Jannette Cotterell. Ms Cotterell is the founder of lobby group Executive Counsel and also has deep links to the Liberal Party’s favourite PR and spin manipulation machine, Crosby Textor. Mr Joyce was the Agriculture Minister at the time, having successfully transferred down from the Senate to the House of Representatives in 2013.

 The alleged illicit affair was revealed to True Crime News Weekly by a well-placed source in Canberra.

 “Around the time Jannette attended the Midwinter Ball with [Deputy Liberal leader] Julie Bishop in 2014 she was involved in a sexual affair with Barnaby. She is divorced. He was not,” the source told True Crime News Weekly.

 “Ethically such intimate involvement between a Minister and a lobbyist seems corrupt. She wrote favourably about him on her page. She enjoyed the power, prestige, information available to her as his mistress. He traded who-knows-what for sex?”

 Like Ms Campion, his current squeeze, Ms Cotterell also happens to be a former journalist. She is the former wife of journalist Glenn Milne – better known as the ‘Angry Dwarf’ or ‘Poison Dwarf’ – who became infamous for attempting to drunkenly fight Crikey founder Stephen Mayne on stage at the 2006 Walkley Awards for journalism. True Crime Weekly

Townhouses where Joyce and his present mistress are living rent free (click to enlarge)