Friday, 23 February 2018

Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce finally resigns (video)

Pistol and Boo rejoyce :)
Yeeeees! We have his head!

It's been a long time coming, with the coalition National party not used to turfing a leader. But in the end it just became too much. Joyce had had a formal sexual harassment complaint lodged against him to the National party by some lady in Western Australia, the National party (all moral and family values you know and completely homophobic) taking the complaint very seriously. This was the reason that the WA Nationals the other day withdrew their support for him telling him to resign.

Then there has been his various media appearances during his time on "sick leave", healthily protesting that he was innocent of anything and utterly failing to grasp that nobody gave a flying fuck about his affair other than for the corruption; public money misused to hide is mistress and her being given favours.

Like an extremely well paying job invented where she became the highest paid staff member of the fellow National member of parliament, during which in the 2 months employed made all of 51 Facebook posts on behalf of said minister as head media adviser of the MP's offices. Like living shacked up with the mistress in country NSW Armidale in what looks like a brand new townhouse rent free thanks to a gov doner, audaciously referring to it as a "bachelor pad". Many in Sydney or other state capital cities would scoff at the deputy PM not paying rent with his mega pay and entitlements, as I did living in a 100 year old part house for $410 a week (increasing to $425 a wk in 2 months) with both of us on pensions and on the waiting list for public housing in the never never. 

Then it was his gall to whinge about how hard done by he was having his "private" life plastered across the national media for a couple of weeks. Glass Jawed Joyce crying for sympathy after he threw us to the wolves in the postal survey? Our personal lives plastered across the media in a national debate about our lives? Our eligibility to even take part in an institution that every other Australian could access except us LGBT? The latest outrage in the last couple of days came from his fluff piece interview at his "bachelor pad" complaining that his soon to be baby was somehow considered less worthy because of it's parents? FFS! HHeellloo....... 

His sense of entitlement however went way beyond our LGBT outrage and made the whole of Australia livid. He used technicalities to say his mistress wasn't his mistress when she was transferred to his National party mate from his office after his affair with the mistress created big problems, some staff resigning over it. Yet the mate (Canavan) claimed he didn't know she was his fuck. Also, Turnbull claimed no knowledge of the fucking of Joyce's staff member even though the PM's office had to approve the created jobs and her move to them, and even though the fucking was the "worst kept secret" in parliament. Come on, how is any reasonable person supposed to believe such lying? They were treating the electorate with contempt. They actually thought we were morons and dug in to the lies.

Then there was more hypocrisy. The Abbott/Turnbull gov has made hay out of demonising us who are unfortunate enough to have to try and survive on welfare, telling us all from the outset that "the age of entitlement is over" in the disastrous 2014 budget engineered by Abbott. Yet we have Glass Jawed Joyce screaming poor me when he rorts the system for his own personal and political favour. It stunk to the highest level of our gov.

Glass Jawed Joyce may think by resigning that this will go away. It won't. There are still many questions about his misuse of public money, no matter how much he tries to deflect the criticisms saying it's his "personal life". I'd guess Labor with sink it's teach into this like a banshee on heat. There's much more yet to come, likely revealing the corruption that has taken place right up to the prime minster himself. The public is completely sick of these asshole pollies lying to us and treating us like fuckwits.