Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gov MP George Christensen reported to police over gun threat online (video)

Nationals MP, part of the glass jaw Joyce National party, has posted a picture online threatening "greenie punks" with him aiming a gun,sending social media into a state of disgust.

In the US this would probably be laughed at, but this isn't the US. It's Australia, that takes gun violence, or the threat of gun violence, very seriously. Our strong gun laws have enormous public support. The sight of a gov minister holding a gun and threatening those of a different political persuasion is no joking matter.

Hence Christensen has been reported to the police over it.

Such is the calibre of the National Party.
George Christensen has been reported to police by a Queensland environmental activist after the outspoken Nationals MP posted a photo of himself with a handgun on social media.

 Mr Christensen yesterday posted a photo of himself aiming a gun to Facebook with a post saying "You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?"

 Stop Adani's Ben Pennings said today Mr Christensen was an "appalling example" to his constituents and "threats of physical violence to peaceful protesters are particularly unacceptable".

 Mr Pennings said he'd added Mr Christensen's post to a complaint he filed on Thursday with Queensland police after receiving over 100 death threats online.

 "I reckon the abusers are ultimately cowards but I've gone to the police just to be sure," Mr Pennings said.

 "I've added George Christensen to the list and will report him to the Federal Police also. We shouldn't allow bullies to be Federal MPs."