Friday, 2 February 2018

Cloe is really sick :(

Poor little thing, just as she's turned one.

She's been off her food for about three days now and acting very quiet and unlike her playful self. I said to David she's not well. We didn't notice until last night though she's got a couple of lumps suddenly come up on her neck, one quite large and the other not so. 

David took her to the vet this morning who gave some antibiotics for her to take and took a sample of the lumps with a needle and syringe to get tested. Probably find out Monday as it's the end of the week now. Vet reckons it might be an infection of the saliva glands or something, or perhaps a reaction to an insect bite. If it's a tumour and cancer though she'll have to be put down. Never heard of a cat getting cancer at one though.

She's drinking water but hasn't eaten anything for a couple of days now. We might have to hand feed her bits at a time if this keeps up as she's got to eat. Is already looking weak.