Monday, 12 February 2018

Demand the removal of Barnaby Joyce - please sign petition (+my latest Barnaby dummy spit)

It's getting more and more ridiculous and tenuous for Barnaby Joyce to remain in the parliament. He should at least step down until a full inquiry is completed into his use of public money in dealings with his pregnant mistress (who he's now living with rent free thanks to a rich party donor). Soon he will assume the office of acting PM as Turnbull goes and talks bullshit with Trump in Washington. Surely this shouldn't happen with so much of a controversial cloud of corruption hanging over his head.

The public is getting more and more outraged by the day at the excuses and cover ups. We're being told it was all OK to have his mistress moved from office to office, with high paying taxpayer funded jobs being created for her after her presence in Joyce's parliamentary offices was causing major problems (one staff member eventually left over it). That it's all above board with travel expenses. That it's all none of our business as it's a "private matter". 

Today the latest bullshit from Turnbull is that by parliamentary rules his mistress isn't classed as his "partner" so therefore he didn't break any ministerial guidelines in her being moved out of his office to a newly created job in another office, in which she wasn't replaced upon leaving. By parlaimentary rules she's not even considered his partner today even though he's been shacked up with her for weeks! WTF? Centrelink deems someone a partner from the day the couple move in together. Why on earth is it one rule for us having to comply with Centrelink, and another for politicians?
Sydney Morning Herald

If this pisses you off then there's a new petition taking off that you can sign here. It's bad enough that he's in parliament at all, but this drunken carousing buffoon being our acting prime minister is just beyond the pale. It's an insult to the office of prime minster, but mostly and insult to all Australians. We're being treated with contempt as simpletons who will mindlessly believe any bullshit that comes out of the mouths of this gov. 

Sign here.