Friday, 16 February 2018

Gov coalition at war with itself - Joyce reaches new hypocrisy levels (video)

The prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and the deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce are at war with each other over Joyces affair with his staff member. Turnbull yesterday evening held a press conference in which he announced a new parliamentary rule that ministers are banned from having sex with their staff (duh, about time). In the press conference he described Joyce's decision to bonk his staff member a "shocking error of judgement" and that the Joyce should "consider his future". That's polite political speak for FFS  resign you bloody buffoon.

So glass jawed Joyce has responded today with a press conference of his own, whinging about how hurtful it's all been (I'll get to that) and describing Turnbull's press conference yesterday evening as "inept", "unnecessary", and "hurtful". (Video below)

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has denied trying to interfere with the National Party following criticism by party leader Barnaby Joyce this morning.

 Mr Joyce launched an extraordinary attack on Mr Turnbull, leaving the relationship in tatters, and the Coalition in crisis.

 It now appears the Prime Minister and his deputy are at war.

 Mr Joyce today returned fire, saying Mr Turnbull’s comments about his affair were “inept”, “unnecessary” and “hurtful”
So we now have the prime minister of Australia and the deputy prime minister conducting what is normally a behind closed door exchange, doing said exchange via media press conferences. If there was ever a sign of disunity and crisis then this is it. The gov relies on the coalition with the National Party to keep gov, having only a one seat majority in the lower house. The prospect of the coalition fracturing is one that would bring down this gov. Personally I hope it does, but I'd guess they'll kiss and make up with the real damage being in the polls.

For me however the staggering level of hypocrisy expressed by Joyce in his press conference today reached new levels. Not quoted in the news article from the interview was this from Joyce that left me with my jaw hanging open:

I would not wish on friend or foe the hurt, the scrutiny, the intense intrusion into your life that I've gone through, through this process. I would not wish that on friend or foe.
Glass jawed Joyce. The conservative who was one of the far right in the gov who hoisted the postal survey on us and had not the slightest care of the consequences to us, is now crying about his own personal life being dragged through the media. Poor diddums, after all as the gov said in the survey there's nothing wrong with "respectful debate". Perhaps he should "grow a spine"

No sympathy at all here, he deserved every bit of it. He's only copped it for a week or so, he should try enduring months of it. Then have the indignity of him voting on his own relationship. Karma. The universe has a way of evening itself out.