Saturday, 17 February 2018

It's about the corruption, not the bonk - Angry Aussie (video)

Pistol and Boo's revenge
Pistol and Boo catching up on the latest Barnaby Joyce
The fact that Turnbull has slapped a bonk ban on federal MP's from screwing their staff (literally) shows that the gov doesn't realise what the real problem is with Barnaby Joyce. If he's screwed his staff member, wrecked his marriage and family relationship, but not done anything untoward with taxpayers money, then it would be a non-story. Probably a bit of shock in the community if it came out, but it would have been respected as his private life (albeit very unethical behaviour for a boss to bonk one of his employees).

By Turnbull banning the bonk he misses the point. He should be addressing the issue of the mistress being moved to invented highly paid jobs of taxpayers money, or that Joyce and his mistress are living rent free in Armidale in country NSW rent free with the property being supplied by a doner to the Liberal party and which Joyce's department has given money to. 

BTW his mistress has quit parliament, but she was on stress leave since last October before becoming redundant nearly two months ago, where it's standard parliamentary practice to get 8 weeks salary after leaving as a redundancy payment. So since October taxpayers have been paying her her full wage despite her not being on the job, about to run out shortly. Add that to Barnaby's mega deputy PM salary and entitlements and one wonders why they're not paying rent.