Friday, 16 February 2018

$500 ripped off finally returned to my account by Paypal

You may have seen my post last week where crooks stole $500 out of my debit account using Paypal, (the full explanation of what happened is there at the link).

The money was  finally returned into my account today, so I now have the $820 for the fortnightly rent. Ten days after they did it, nine days after I noticed it online, and 4 days after the rent was due.

But I do feel good that the crooks didn't get my money. They must've thought they were being so smart using Paypal to access my account, and all it took was one call from me to Paypal to get the transaction cancelled and the money returned to me. Eat shit crooks! I'm going to close that old Paypal account BTW.

Albeit it was a drama waiting around for it to get back, ringing Paypal and the bank following it's progress. Can't believe it takes up to 7 working days for the bank to "process" the transaction in these days of instant computers online. I mean David and I transfer money between our accounts (we're with the same bank) and it's in the other account straight away, instantly. I'd say the banks hold onto everyone's money for days to get interest out of it. Imagine millions of transactions and $ sitting around getting interest for 7 days.