Monday, 19 February 2018

Another school shooting in US - Jonathan Pie (video)

Another school shooting in the US, with once again people grieving and the politicians offering "thoughts and prayers" FFS. 

I watched the video of the school kid sticking it to Trump over it, everyone cheering in support, like something was actually going to change this time. But of course it never does. The shock and outrage will once again fail to inspire any action in Washington. Much to the expectation of the NRA and other countries saying once again how stupid America is to allow their children to be killed like that.

Something very foreign to Australia. Our kids can go to school without being shot. We can go to movies and concerts without being shot. We can have a big disagreement with someone without being shot. People can attend churches without being shot. We can walk down the street without being shot by a stray bullet. And on and on. 

This is one of the few videos that I feel I can post about it. It says it all.