Sunday, 11 February 2018

Zac and Casper reunite :)

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Zac and Casper have always gotten on well, but with Cloe around pretty much all Zac's attention was taken up with her. They were a team, just about joined at the hip. Wherever one was the other wouldn't be far off.

Zac has really missed Cloe since she passed away. He's a very smart cat too. After Cloe died we neglected to put the carrier box back up on top of the wardrobes where it's stored. After a couple of days I found Zac staring up at the top of the wardrobe looking for the box. Maybe wondering if Cloe had somehow survived and would be coming back home in said box. I went and got it out of the spare room, gave David the towel in it as he was putting washing in, and showed Zac the empty box for him to look in. Then I put it on top of the wardrobes highly visible.

He still really misses her though, you can see it in his eyes. He's been very clingy and loving too, and at times just very quiet a sullen.. We've made sure to give him lots of cuddles and attention. This is the first time he's known death. After all he is only three years old.

Casper, Cloe's sister of one year old, I think is maybe a bit young to understand death yet. I think he thinks she may just appear again one day after being away. The other day he walked through the lounge room looking for her. She used to hide in various places and pounce when Zac or Casper walked past, so funny she always outsmarted the boys playing with them. So Casper was looking at the various places she used to hide to see if she was there.

All very sad, but thankfully animals seem to get over death quite quickly. There's an acceptance that it's just nature and everything dies; sometimes sooner, sometimes later. So now with Cloe gone the whole cat dynamic is changing again.

Both Zac and Casper have started playing together again a lot, and Zac is giving Casper a lot of attention. Licking him and showing love to him, even disciplining him at times with a hiss. David reckons it's because he lost his little girl Cloe so he's not going to lose Casper too and will be really protective. 

In any case it's great to see them bonding again. You can see Cloe in Casper; he has the same loving personality and not a mean bone in his body.

Zac giving Casper a licking :)