Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Catholic St John of God Brother sentenced to 33yrs for child molesting (Australia - video) *trigger warning

Brother Bernard McGrath failed to become a Catholic priest in New Zealand and so became a Brother with the Catholic run organisation St John of God. Upon molesting boys in New Zealand the St John of God order transferred him to Australia, where he viciously molested boys from 1978 to 1985, being the principal of Morisset’s Kendall Grange boys’ home. Some of them were intellectually disabled.

Now at 70 years old he has been sentenced to 33 years jail with a minimum non parole of 21 years. With time already served he will be 88 before even being eligible for parole. 

St John of God it was noted by the judge had known of the abuse over many years. Such has been the nature of the Catholic church in Australia. The same church that now wants more religious freedom and condemn's David and I's relationship.

The full story at the link.

A TERRIFIED eight-year-old boy waited to be raped as another boy’s screams could be heard from a nearby room where two St John of God Brothers had taken him.

 It was 1981 and Brother Bernard McGrath’s shocking reign of terror as principal of Morisset’s Kendall Grange boys’ home still had five years to run.

 The boy was raped that day in a typically brutal attack that left him bleeding and limping. On another occasion he vomited after choking when McGrath forced him to have oral sex.

 In a Sydney courtroom on Friday mothers wept, fathers hung their heads and victims gasped, cried and left the room as a judge recounted how McGrath rubbed the boy’s face in the vomit, before ordering the sobbing child to clean up the mess.

 There was anger that McGrath’s crimes against Kendall Grange boys between 1978 and 1985 occurred after the St John of God order transferred him to the Morisset facility after allegations against him at a St John of God facility in New Zealand in 1977.

 But by 3pm on Friday, after hours of a gruelling sentencing hearing, there were cheers, applause and spontaneous calls of “Thank you” to Judge Sarah Huggett after McGrath, 70, was sentenced to 33 years’ jail for 64 offences against 12 boys at Kendall Grange over seven years.

 McGrath, 70, must serve a minimum sentence of 21 years, and will be 88 before his earliest release date in 2035, after his sentence was backdated to December, 2014 when he was taken into custody in New Zealand and extradited to Australia to face more than 250 charges.

 “He’ll die in jail,” said the mother of one of his victims who was nine years old when he was sent to Kendall Grange, shockingly molested by McGrath and told that if he spoke to anyone about the abuse he would be “taken to the Morisset mad house and never see the light of day again”. The Herald