Thursday, 22 February 2018

Zac still missing his little girl Cloe - animals grieve

*click to enlarge the pics
Anyone who tells you that animals don't grieve is wrong. Yes Zac has reignited his friendship with Casper, but he's still missing his little girl Cloe who passed away earlier this month. He's doing the sorts of things that humans would do when losing a close loved one.

The picture above is something that he's never much done before, but lately he's sleeping in that box through the day every day. It's the box at the back door that Cloe used to sleep in all the time, and which Zac and Cloe would team up to bird watch in. Her smell as well would still be in the box after all that. I thought about replacing the box with another but then thought no, I'm not taking that away from Zac and will let him go through his personal grieving process.

He's also sitting in the bathroom window when I open it in the mornings (not enough for a Zac escape!) which he's never done before, looking out through the gap into the driveway and road. Cloe was doing that quite a bit the last few months, sniffing the sea breeze and poking her head into the small gap.

Zac is obviously remembering her, missing her, and dealing with his grief in his own way. We've been giving him lots and lots of cuddles and love. He's got such a kind heart and we know he's been hurt immensely  by this.