Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What the RWNJ christians want - homophobic submission religious freedom inquiry

More love from the christians....

Now that submissions for the inquiry into religious freedom have been made public after a huge outcry, submissions from the far right christians can be read. 

A Bernard Gaynor (I've never heard of him) has made a submission that can only be described as extremist in it's homophobia.

You can find the whole 46 page submission here if you can be bothered, but here are some excerpts. They are indeed mind boggling. I think it goes back beyond the 1950's, even going so far as to demand the police LGBT liaison officers go through some kind of deprogramming of their friendly attitude to LGBT people. He even wants the NSW anti-discrimination board abolished and compensation paid to christians who have had unfavourable outcomes in decisions made by the board!

‘Homosexual marriage’ 
1.‘Homosexual marriage’ laws should be repealed.
2. Laws should be enacted to: 
  • provide marriage celebrants freedom to refuse marriage to homosexuals; 
  • protect freedom of expression regarding the morality of homosexuality; 
  • protect charities for discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation; 
  • protect religious bodies and schools for discriminating on the grounds of homosexuality and expressing views opposing homosexuality; 
  • protect parental choice by ensuring that they can withdraw their children from programs like the ‘Safe Schools’ program; 
  • protect freedom of expression defending Christian positions on marriage, family and morality. 
3. Government funding of homosexual organisations and programs such as Safe Schools should be scrapped and they should be removed from classrooms. 

‘Cultural change’ within Defence and other government agencies 
4. An inquiry should be held into the anti-Christian impact of cultural change program within Defence and other state and Commonwealth departments and agencies.
5. Government agencies and departments should not participate in events that vilify Christianity. 

Anti-discrimination law 
6. State and federal anti-discrimination laws should be abolished.
7. An inquiry should be held into the conduct of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and its conduct towards Christians.
8. The New South Wales government should pay compensation to victims of its anti-Christian antidiscrimination laws. 

Attitudes of state and Commonwealth police 
9. An inquiry should be held into the apparent bias of state and federal police forces against Christians.
10. Programs such as the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer program should be scrapped.
11. Police officers who have been known to support LGBT activist causes should be involved in the investigation of any complaints against other LGBT activists. The Stirrer